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RSG Model .001 “HERO”

$254.00 $189.00

Because you've been requesting, we’ve created a limited edition of the RSG mod.001 and called it „HERO“ (as superheroes usually hide their Hero selves in offices, wearing this kind of glasses). The frame is identical to the RSG mod.001 frame. The lenses are clear polycarbonate, with 100% UV protection and anti-reflection coating. So you can use your super power: laser beams, and the UV (your kryptonite) stays out, and your eyes stay healthy (UV400/CE).
Limited Edition of 100 sunglasses only.  Get yours before the other superheroes get to them first.
1 pair of RSG mod.001 sold = 1 eye surgery for a blind person in need = you are a hero with style.
*Due to the sales price of this product, this product can be returned only for a period of 2 (two) weeks after purchase (Fernabsatzgesetz).